Raffi's 1980 classic album, Baby Beluga

I am a Beluga dad. I knew then that Raffi’s goal was to transform the world through his music. It is not surprising that Raffi took the next step and provided the transformation with his Child Honouring philosophy. While many people have attempted to create a similar transformation, I believe that Child Honouring will ultimately be the most successful. It speaks a language that everyone can understand, and will inevitably win the largest following.

Ed Breaux, Thornhill, Ontario

Beluga Grads Network

We will be working to create an international network of passionate “Beluga Grads”, people who grew up with Raffi’s music, to co-create new Child Honouring communities of action.

Message from Raffi to Beluga Grads:

Greetings! I feel honoured and blessed to have been able to sing my songs to so many of you over the years. I continue to be inspired by children I meet, and also by caring youth who have a passion for creating a better world.

I see that the vast majority of young people want very much to help restore the ailing world they are inheriting. They want to help build healthy communities, and sustainable societies.

Much is known about the pervasiveness of environmental degradation and social inequities worldwide. To turn this world around, we need a whole systems shift: a commpassionate revolution in values! New forms of organization and education are required for restoring both the human spirit and the natural world.

Young people want to and are beginning to shape the world around them—influencing politicians, policy-makers, professionals and the media. All over the world, you are adding your voices to the call for systemic change towards a just and sustainable global culture.

Organizations and networks of young people at local, national, and global levels are emerging, demonstrating their capacity for advocacy, communication, and commitment to social justice.

What about a Beluga Grad network?

Child Honouring is a vision and philosophy that calls for a profound societal shift economically, culturally and ecologically. It’s about putting the needs of society’s most vulnerable members first—redesigning for the greatest good.

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In this time of profound change worldwide, we are all called upon to play our unique part in creating a culture of peace and sustainability — a child-honouring society. So I invite you to read my Covenant for Honouring Children, and the anthology Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around — free pdf downloads on this website.
As Gandhi said, “We must become the change we seek in the world.”

We make that change with
  • every organic cotton or hemp shirt we wear
  • every dollar we spend on local or organic foods
  • every vote we cast for pro-child/pro-family policies
  • every email we send to an elected official praising a sustainable action

Let’s celebrate and support

  • every eco-preneur with a triple-bottom-line enterprise
  • every publisher that switches to eco-paper
  • every municipality that bans pesticides
  • every school that makes a green, natural playground
  • every cop or politician who stands up to corruption
  • every act of personal integrity…

Keep a clear head and make the most positive waves possible!
Shake those sillies out—and keep dancing!



Millions of children who listened to Raffi in the 70’s and 80’s (and 90’s) are now young adults who remember Raffi’s music for children, the family and the earth from when they were growing up. We want to inspire these folks who Raffi calls Beluga Grads (after his Baby Beluga song)  to help us spread the ethics of Child Honouring as a way of healing communities and restoring the Earth.

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