Raffi attended the 2010 World Religions Summit hosted by the University of Winnipeg. Delegates included 71 Religious Leaders from 24 countries, many of whom signed the Centre's Proclamation in honour of the world's children.

Children & Nonviolence Initiative


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Dear friend of children,

We are gathering signatures from people around the world to show solidarity in protecting children from violence. We call on individuals like you to sign and spread the word with our simple Plea to Faith Leaders you see here.

Please show your support by using the form below to add your signature, and pass along this link: www.childhonouring.org/signtheplea so others may sign as well.

At the same time, we also call on the world’s faith leaders to sign a Proclamation pledging their support in spreading this ethic.

Please ask your faith leader to sign the Proclamation and to support this nonviolence ethic in your community.

In gratitude, 


Raffi Cavoukian, C.M., O.B.C.,
founder and chair 
Advisory Council members: 
The Very Reverend Bill Phipps, former moderator, United Church of Canada  
Carolyn Pogue, author, peace activist

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