"If it's where our children are, in the virtual world, then they are entitled to the same rights there as anywhere.  Raffi has taken the lead in posing the questions and challenging all of us to consider the new domain of children's rights. Lightweb Darkweb is a compelling and important read."
~ Irwin Elman, Ontario Advocate for Children & Youth

Thank you, Raffi, for dedicating this wonderful book to my daughter, Amanda. #lightwebdarkweb educates readers about the Internet and how it works. As a mother who cares, I recommend this book to start a personal education about how social media and InfoTech work and will work for the present generation of digital natives.
~ Carol Todd (Amanda Todd's mom)

Raffi brings to the debate on the benefits and dangers of the digital revolution his well-known sense of compassion, concern, and hope. This is a book that every one of us needs to read.
~ Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University 

Lightweb Darkweb is written by a man with a lifelong devotion to healthy childhood.  Adults who have grown up listening to Raffi will profit from his reflections on the uncertain consequences of the digital age.
~ Mark Bauerlein, author of The Digital Divide

Child Honouring - How to Turn This World Around

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