Advertising aimed at children is so prevalent in our lives that many people think it’s okay. But child-development experts for years have said that ads on kids' TV shows, for example, constitute an unfair assault on impressionable minds that aren’t old enough to appraise the sales pitch.

"Yes, we have no advertising"  Excerpt from Raffi's article in
the Globe and Mail.


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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, Vancouver!

Let's remember: every day is Earth day… that Mother Earth gives us our very breath, our daily grain, and all the ingredients for our shelter and recreation, in each and every day.

I sense that we’re at a turning point in restoring our planet, in creating a child-friendly world for this and future generations.

Like Nelson Mandela, I believe we are called to TURN THIS WORLD AROUND, FOR THE CHILDREN. —in many ways, the children well understand and respond to sustainability’s call—

I believe we have a moral duty to meet the priority needs of the very young—our MVPs, our most vulnerable citizens. those with the most to lose, and the most to gain from how we regard them, and how we care for them.

In this defining moment in human history, humanity’s very survival depends on how we choose to live our days: how we work and what work we do, how we feed and nurture our families, and how we measure societal progress.

The Global Warming crisis can turn us toward the power of the local, as we learn to reduce GHG emissions in our daily lives.

Government & industry must do their part: leadership & innovation, with incentives to help green our schools, homes and businesses.

And each one of us can adopt new habits in how we live. we can choose to help Cool It, both here and worldwide…

As economic growth gives way to a green restorative economy, embracing a conserving ethic can be exciting… realizing that you may never again buy an incandescent light bulb; that local goods can replace those from away; that local foods taste best and choosing them supports local growers, and reduces waste & packaging; that genuine local souvenirs don’t come from 4000 miles away; that organic fibres for clothing reduce pesticide use and pollution, and this helps reduce asthma in young and old.

A conserving ethic will cut down habitual consumption, which will cut resource use and lower GHG emissions.

As parents and grandparents, you are the children’s keepers, decision makers who reflect on the impact of your choices on your children and grandchildren, on the kind of future they’ll have.

Let the power of our love for our families preserve the beauty of Gaia, this wonderful world we call HOME.

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