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No Wall Too Tall

Turn This World Around
(A Song for Nelson Mandela)

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Music for Schools

NEW!  20th Anniversary Edition, 2011
with two bonus songs:
COOL IT (The Global Cooling Song)

Raffi’s ecology album.
Award-winning songs, especially popular with students and teachers.

A celebration of our power to preserve the Earth for all generations.

A Resource for Sustainability Education

More and more parents and educators want to help young people learn about and deal with issues of sustainability, in positive ways that inspire them to respond. Evergreen Everblue is an environmental education tool with the power of Raffi’s music. A musical call to action and commitment for all of us old enough to make a difference.

   1. Evergreen Everblue
   2. Mama’s Kitchen
   3. Big Beautiful Planet
   4. Alive And Dreaming
   5. Where I Live
   6. What’s The Matter With Us
   7. Our Dear, Dear Mother
   8. Just Like The Sun
   9. Clean Rain Listen
  10. One Light, One Sun
  11. We Are Not Alone
  12  SustainABILITY
  13  COOL IT (The Global Cooling Song)

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"COOL IT"~ The Global Cooling Song

Written and produced by Raffi
© 2007 Troubadour Music Inc.

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Music Arrangement - perfect for school and community choirs.
Sing out on Earth Day!

Raffi's Open Letter to Governments and CEOs

Raffi's song "COOL IT" is a musical call-to-action on Climate Change, urging the global community to come together to reduce CO2 emissions. It is also a toe-tapping rockabilly tune on global warming—the most pressing issue of the day, and perhaps our lifetimes.

Recorded at Vancouver’s Blue Wave studios with top session players, COOL IT gets backing vocals from chanteuse Laurel Murphy and the staff of David Suzuki Foundation, including Dr. Suzuki himself. It is the theme song for David Suzuki’s cross-Canada bus tour to inspire action on global warming.

Raffi’s renaissance — as a systems thinker and global troubadour — has produced many songs on global themes for adult audiences, most recently compiled on his CD's Resisto Dancing: Songs of Compassionate Revolution and Communion.

With COOL IT, Raffi again shows his unique talent for writing about important issues in diverse musical styles, and why he’s among the top songwriters of our time.

A blog post by Raffi on the Step It Up website:

Step It Up: How did this chilling toe-tapper happen?

Raffi: Ever since David Suzuki's 1989 reference to Global Warming as 'a matter of survival', GW's been on my radar. I've been a longtime ecology advocate, even recorded an ecology album in 1991 (Evergreen Everblue). The recent Al Gore film reminded me that David, Al and I took part in the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. In the wave of my current Child Honouring focus, I felt the need to do something new.

I set out to write a rollicking call to action, an anthem to urge business, government and citizens to join the great global cool rush. So when the guitar riff suggested rockabilly, the simple singable chorus took form. The song came together quickly. So into the studio we went—electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, harmony vocals and me, on lead and guitar—working fast with live 'off the floor' vocals.

Your part? Why not download the song - MP3 and lyrics (both free)- sing it, and pass it on to friends?

Let's make some noise! Sing with me, sing it loud, have a ball, dance it up. And spread the word: Cool It. Like the song says, do it for the children, do it for yourself.

Carbon-free: it's the new COOL. All together now!

Teachers & Students

Plan to make 'COOL IT' part of Earth Day.

Singing this song can be a fun way to engage students on the all-important issue of Global Warming. Perfect for your school choir.

Suggested Curriculum Support Activities:

After playing the "Cool It" song for your students, have them think about the message that Raffi is sending. This song provides an excellent starting point for teaching your students about climate change.

  • Reducing automobile use by walking, biking, or taking public transit
  • Planting trees and caring for green spaces
  • Purchasing locally produced food or growing your own food
  • Eating low on the food chain--reducing or eliminating meat
  • Reducing landfill waste by composting kitchen waste and recycling
  • Reducing home heating and energy use by: turning computers and lights off when not in use; changing to energy efficient bulbs

Share your great ideas with others!

Get Creative!

Ask your students to:

  • Create a drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage
  • Write a song, poem or rap
  • Design a catchy advertisement encouraging others to do their part
  • Write a newspaper article on the hot topic of climate change
  • Or write a letter to Mother Earth about how they will do their part to "Cool It"

We'd Like to Hear From You

Let us know how you and your students used "Cool It" to promote Climate Change awareness at your school.

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