Praise for Child Honouring

"If you agree that societies are measured by how they treat their children; if you worry that ours is falling calamitously short of the mark; if you yearn for new ideas and a clear vision of how to reshape "a world fit for children", by all means read this sobering, salutary and inspirational book."
Stephen Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN

"This wonderful book articulates a vision that most humans will realize they believe in. Child Honouring calls on an instinct older than our species to protect our young! Beneath our official titles, positions and identities, we are really mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and each of us is somebody's child."
Severn Cullis Suzuki, beluga grad, ecology advocate

"Child Honouring, the book and the project, can bring us back to life. No initiative I know carries more galvanizing power of truth. It breaks open the heart and lets the light shine through, to ignite our deepest passions."
Joanna Macy, author of World As Lover, World As Self

"A bold vision for a humane and sustainable world, one that honours our moral obligation to our children."
Robert F Kennedy Jr, environmentalist, co-author of The Riverkeepers

"I have never seen such an impressive group of people associated with a book. Child Honouring should be studied by world leaders in politics and industry, as well as by school boards and teachers."
Robert Bateman, OC, renowned wildlife artist

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"What an ambitious and timely project this is! It contains passionate and thoughtful pleas to pay attention to our children - our future in the world. I hear the plea to turn away from our present value systems (money, power, war, aggression) and to honour our children and their families. This wonderful volume tries to do that. Let's all listen!"
T. Berry Brazelton, M. D., Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School Founder, Brazelton Touchpoints Center

"Anyone who has ever watched a small child enraptured by Raffi knows his extraordinary power. Now he has thrown that power behind a larger plan to save the children and the planet and all of us who love them. We should listen to his ideas the way our children listen to his music."
Marianne Williamson, bestselling author of A Return to Love

"Child Honouring is a significant contribution to the well-being and health of individuals in all parts of the global community. To improve the quality of our civilizations, we will have to make Child Honouring a strong theme in all our cultures."
Dr Fraser Mustard, Founding President, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, co-author of The Early Years: Reversing the Real Brain Drain (1999)

"What a wonderful book! I can think of nothing more important than ensuring that our children have a future worth living. Realizing that goal will mean working on all fronts to clean up our messes, straighten out our societies, and truly live as conscious beings. This book gives me hope that we can do it."
Dr Andrew Weil, pioneer in integrative medicine, author of Healthy Aging

"It is ancient wisdom to honour our parents. This book's impressive collaborators place a child in the midst of us, calling out for compassion and calling for our passionate response on behalf of the innocent. Truly to honour the child will change the world."
Paul W. Gooch, President & Professor of Philosophy, Victoria University in the University of Toronto

"Raffi Cavoukian's vision is a stunning wake-up call for all who care about the world our grandchildren will inherit. His passion, intelligence, and deep commitments are wonderful gifts for which the world yearns. Through the lens of Child Honouring, we are given fresh insight, encouragement, and hope that we can "turn this world around" before it is too late. This book's exciting new approach to sustainability is an inspiration, for which we owe co-editors Cavoukian and Olfman great thanks."
Very Rev. Dr Bill Phipps, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, 1997-2000

"This groundbreaking volume is the result of a unique editorial collaboration between two highly dedicated child advocates : acclaimed family musician Raffi Cavoukian and author/scholar Sharna Olfman. Bringing together an outstanding team of experts from diverse disciplines, the editors have created a moving account of the dire political, economic, ecological, and psychological state of the world's children. Through convincing statistics, insightful research evidence, and empathetic prose, the chapters not only clarify the many profound challenges facing children but also offer workable solutions to their ever-growing problems. An indispensable resource for parents, educators, and mental health professionals, and one with a compelling, unified voice strong enough to induce policy makers to start "turning this world around"."
Laura E. Berk University Distinguished Professor Department of Psychology, Illinois State University

"Honour your father and your mother" has become in Raffi's vision, "honour your fathering and your mothering". This is a serious book for conscious parenting and child-rearing that honours the souls of the young beings who come to rescue our planet. For taking responsibility for a soul, this book is an excellent guide."
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of From Age-ing to Sage-ing

"An ancient Chinese adage states that it is the mark of every Golden Age that children are the most important members of the society and teaching the most revered profession. Recently, Raffi found himself moved to "sing" a new paradigm into being. As I read Child Honouring, I wonder, Could this not be the song for us all? Could this not be the single thought that steers us through the dangerous passage – a world that honours all its children?"
Peter M. Senge, Senior Lecturer, MIT Founding Chair, SoL (Society for Organizational Learning)

"Child Honouring is a wonderful movement that calls to the hearts of all of us who see how different our world is from the one we want to give to our children. I recommend this book to parents, future parents, grandparents, and everyone who is committed to creating a world that reflects the values of the soul."
Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters

"A compelling and inspirational collection of essays on the ecology of the child and how societies can only advance by putting children and families front and centre of policy and program development. Our future depends on how we treat today's children."
Hon. Roy J. Romanow, O.C., P.C., Q.C. Senior Fellow in Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan Atkinson Economic Justice Fellow

"I read Child Honouring and danced for joy. The writings that support the Covenant for Honouring Children illuminate its depth and clarity. This compassionate revolution reminds us why we are here, and gives us hope to "turn this world around!"
Debby Takikawa, producer/director of the film What Babies Want

"Child Honouring offers a powerful primer for a better world. "Never in history has there been a revolution inspired by the growing child." Raffi's line in this book of eloquent moral voices – including Riane Eisler, Matthew Fox, Fritjof Capra, David Korten, and Barbara Kingsolver – sounds the revolution of revolutions for our time: one to passionately embrace for activating glorious possibilities for our species and this planet."
David Loye, author of The Healing of a Nation, founder of The Darwin Project and The Benjamin Franklin Press

"How often do you come across a book that might actually change the world for the better? In a culture that will pay the price for habitually dishonouring the fundamental needs of its children, this authoritative volume offers both a wake-up call and a plan. Read it, believe it, and pass on the message!"
Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., author of Your Child's Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence

"Child Honouring: How To Turn This World Around provides a lens through which to view the deep interconnections between planetary sustainability and children's health in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual domains. As an Indigenous educator I am especially pleased to see our cultures recognized as sources of enduring, time-tested strategies for sustaining life."
Marlene Brant Castellano, Professor Emeritus of Trent University (Indigenous Studies)

"This excellent book exposes the corporatocracy that challenges the very essence of good parenting by putting profits before children. It heralds a major shift in priorities for detoxing the womb environment and assuring that each child reaches its fullest potential as a human being."
Theo Colborn, Ph.D., president, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), co-author of Our Stolen Future

"This great project, this extraordinary movement to honour the child, stands for our highest ambition, the work we can do, the best we can be. We must honour the child, and hold sacred the most defenseless among us. You have my full support."
Bruce Mau, designer, "Massive Change"

Gandhi left us a "talisman of the last person", asking usste to recall the face of the weakest and most vulnerable person we have known. In Child Honouring, Raffi Cavoukian and Sharna Olfman give us a "talisman of the last child" with which to reclaim our humanity. As Raffi points out, "the irreducible needs of all children can offer a unifying ethic by which the cultures of our interdependent world might reorder their priorities".
Vandana Shiva, physicist, activist, author of Earth Democracy and Water Wars

"With passion and determination, Raffi has dug the soul of the world to find key elements that will change the lives of children and the course of humanity. Child Honouring is filled with wisdom, inspiration and refreshing new ideas. I recommend it for anyone concerned with the well being of children and the survival of our planet."

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