The Child Honouring Speaker Series attracts respected Canadian and international experts to Salt Spring Island to give presentations on topics resonant with the values and mission of the Centre. Leveraging existing relationships among the Centre’s leadership, the program will invite speakers in diverse fields including:
•    Early childhood development
•    Conscious parenting
•    Social justice
•    Sustainable living

My Drawing Our World

This children’s educational program invites children ages 7 – 14 to artfully express the vision and principles of Child Honouring. This is done through art-making workshops and by online invitation and participation with parental consent and supervision. 

Displaying the children’s art work in a variety of settings shows people the Child Honouring vision through the innocence, delight and honesty of children’s art.

The Centre’s Children and Nonviolence Initiative—supported by the Dalai Lama, and by Honorary Patron HRH prince El Hassan of Jordan—provides a focal point for faith leaders to express their commitment to honouring the dignity of children.

Alarmed by the prevalence of violence against children worldwide, we believe the times cry out for a new religious moment, in which the world’s religious and spiritual leaders stand as one in honour of the world’s young.

An outpouring of public support for respecting the personhood of children could plspark a historic multi-faith decree upholding the sanctity of the child, and urging the elimination of physical, mental and emotional violence against children—something that could profoundly impact human behaviour for generations to come.

We invite all citizens to sign the Plea to Faith Leaders and send it to their community faith leader and to the leader of their religion or faith tradition. The Plea calls on faith leaders to sign a Proclamation in a show of unity.

It is estimated that over 10 million adults have grown up with Raffi’s children’s music. Sharing Raffi’s songs with their own children, “Beluga Grads” can feel a kinship with and responsibility for our planet and for their future. We receive many messages of support for Child Honouring from self-identified Beluga Grads.

Beluga Grads are a powerful constituency that can be mobilized to carry the key messages and principles of Child Honouring to family and friends. Beluga Grads could also become an important source of financial support to the Centre, helping to sustain its activities in the long-term.

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