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Raffi's earlier songs made an impact on many of us. You may have given them to your children, and you may still pass them on to your grandkids. Adults in my age group had the books and sang along with his tapes in childhood. But after some time, we had to move on from singing about Mr. Sun and brushing our teeth at odd hours of the day. As our generation moved onto adult issues, Raffi has come along with us. Read more

EARLIER THIS YEAR a group of us on a course at Schumacher College watched a recording of a twelve-year-old, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, making an impassioned, articulate and powerful speech: “Losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock exchange,” she pointed out, in a voice breaking with emotion. Some of the delegates also appeared to be close to tears. Sixteen years on, does it look like we have listened to her? Read more

Shared Vision/Vancouver Woman
Written nearly a decade and a half ago, this jaunty little ditty, with its images of torture, habitat destruction, and doom, could serve as the soundtrack for the opening chapters of Raffi Cavoukian’s important new anthology, Child Honoring: How to Turn This World Around. Read more

Amazon Reviews
This thought-provoking book addresses many of today's societal problems and outlines the author's children-first plan for a more sustainable world. –Parent & Child

How often do you come across a book that might actually change the world for a better?... Read it, believe it, and pass on the message! - Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., author of Your Child's Growing Mind

Stephen Lewis
A sobering, salutary and inspirational book, July 6, 2006
If you agree that societies are measured by how they treat their children; if you worry that ours is falling calamitously short of the mark; if you yearn for new ideas and a clear vision of how to reshape 'a world fit for children', by all means read this sobering, salutary and inspirational book.

Jane M. Healy
Please read and heed this book., August 12, 2006
This is a book that could make a real difference in the world. Its chapters are written by a dazzling collection of experts in the field of child development, and it's interesting, readable and informative. Highly recommended!

David Loye
Ever since Jesus, people with what has seemed too simple, but is actually a profoundly on-target view, have been trying to tell us the key to the better life lies in how we treat our children. Read more

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