Selected Chronology

In words and music, advancing a sustainable world fit for children.

Songs: Baby Beluga / All I Really Need / Thanks A lot
Songs: Rise and Shine / Big Beautiful Planet
Songs: One Light One Sun / Just Like the Sun
Taped David Suzuki’s 5 hour CBC Radio series It’s A Matter of Survival
Met David Suzuki, took part in his environmental TV quiz 
A founding donor to David Suzuki Foundation
Supported The Environmental Youth Alliance (donations, Ottawa appearance and march)
Evergreen Everblue ecology cd : sang 3 songs at UN Gen Assembly Hall
Evergreen Everblue music video with the Penan, David Suzuki, Raging Grannies
Earth Achievement Award: from UNEP
Sang at Sustainable Agriculture conference, Asilomar CA
Supported many environmental NGOs
Private meeting with Al Gore in Toronto / read his book Earth In The Balance
Read Warning to Humanity (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Attended Rio Earth Summit, helped 4 Canadian kids attend
UNEP Goodwill Ambassador for Youth (’92-94)
Award for helping ban the wasteful cardboard “cd longbox” (with Peter Gabriel, Bonnie Raitt, the Beach Boys)
Kyoto Global Forum: dinner with Gorbachevs, Earth Day concert with Japanese children’s choir: “Evergreen Everblue”, “Big Beautiful Planet”
Green Cross USA: Washington DC, sang “Evergreen Everblue” with kids’ choir for Gorbachev, Yoko Ono, Jane Goodall, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda and guests
Global 500 Award (London)
Songs: First Peoples / Naturally / The World We Love
Joined Social Venture Network, attended annual conferences (1994-2002)
Songs: Every Child / Sunflower
Child Honouring vision
Troubadour switches to chlorine-free paper in all products
SustainABILITY speech, Canadian Embassy, Washington DC
Vancouver keynote: North American Association of Environmental Educators
Met with eco-designer Bill McDonough
Attended conferences on Children’s Environmental Health
Wrote A Covenant for Honouring Children
Songs: It Takes A Village / Blessed Be / Turn This World Around
Dharamsala India: 1st conversation with the Dalai Lama, on Child Honouring; attended his talk at “Ecology and the Human Spirit” event
Autobiography The Life of a Children’s Troubadour, on recycled chlorine-free paper
Child Honouring presentations: U of Virginia, Harvard, Parliament Hill, New York Academy of Medicine
The Troubadour Institute : Inspiring child honouring
Spoke and sang at World Bank conference on Early Child Development
2nd conversation on Child Honouring with the Dalai Lama (filmed), Dharamsala, India
Sang for Nelson Mandela in Toronto
Songs: Turn This Word Around / Blue White Planet / Counting on You
Met Jane Goodall, wrote Jane Jane (tribute song) and Roots & shoots everywhere (theme song for her Roots & Shoots organization)
Honorary Chair of UNEP’s International Children’s conference on the Environment
Turn This World Around became conference theme song “Blue White Planet included” in Country Goes Raffi CD
Let’s Play CD includes songs Jane Jane and Roots & Shoots Everywhere
Sierra Club press conference (Parliament) on renewing Pesticides Bill : successful
Chlorine-free clause in Random House contract: all Troubadour kids’ books printed with recycled chlorine-free paper
Sang in support of US Organics Association in New York
Wrote Earth Charter song Where We All Belong (chant and ballad)
Released Where We All Belong 3 song CD, supported Earth Charter events worldwide
Jasper, Alberta: presenter, CANSEE conference of ecological economists with Evergreen Canada co-sponsored environmentally safe playgrounds
Songs: Song for the Dalai Lama / Tomorrow’s Children
Sang for the Dalai Lama at Orpheum theatre backed by the Vancouver symphony, Vancouver inter-cultural orchestra and 100 children
Advisor to BALLE BC (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies)
Earth Stewardship Award (Chlorine Free Products Assoc.)
Rethinking Development conference: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Met Sharna Olfman, Author/Psychology professor, Point Parke University
Sang at Canadian Landmines foundation event
Met with Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface
Hosted “Beluga Grads” seminar on Mayne Island, BC
Presenter, World Peace forum, Vancouver BC
Launch of anthology Child Honouring: How to Turn This World Around and companion CD Resisto Dancing at numerous US and Canada settings
Victoria BC: Lieutenant Governor’s luncheon for Child Honouring anthology
Child Honouring presentations for student teachers
Wrote & recorded COOL IT, with David Suzuki and staff singing in chorus, became theme song of Suzuki’s cross-Canada bus tour
Posted “If I Were Prime Minister” on YouTube
DVD Raffi Renaissance: Child Honouring and the Compassion Revolution
Presentations included BC Music Educators, IONS conference, Yale University

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