Raffi brings to the debate on the benefits and dangers of the digital revolution his well-known sense of compassion, concern, and hope. This is a book that every one of us needs to read.

~ Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University

A deeply felt argument in the best interests of the next generation!

~Sherry Turkle, MIT Professor, author of Alone Together

Raffi artfully implores us to be decision makers and bring our humanity to this new digital realm.

~ Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock

Passionate and level-headed, a much-needed guide.

~ Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows

Lightweb Darkweb is a smart, highly readable, and nuanced critique of society's unquestioning embrace of social media. An important book!

~ Susan Linn, author of Consuming Kids

Those who have grown up listening to Raffi with profit from his reflections on the uncertain consequences of the digital age.

~ Mark Bauerlein, Emery University, author, editor of the Digital Divide

Required reading to skillfully navigate the wonderful and dangerous world of social media. Lightweb Darkweb explains the challenges and offers ways forward. Please turn off your screen and pick up this book!

~ Annie Leonard, author of The Story of Stuff

Lightweb Darkweb

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Three Reasons To Reform Social Media Before It Re-Forms Us
Raffi Cavoukian ~  © Homeland Press (2013)

Lightweb Darkweb makes the case for the critical need to reform social media, especially for young users. Its author, Raffi Cavoukian, the renowned singer, Raffi, is also a writer, systems thinker, and founder of the Centre For Child Honouring. He offers three reasons for social media reform: safety, intelligence, and sustainability. A response to the suicide of Vancouver teen Amanda Todd after years of online harassment, and dedicated to her, Lightweb Darkweb is a call for sanity in the digital age:

  • social media providers must make systemic changes for young users safety
  • parents need to regulate their kids’ screen time and social media use
  • society can optimize the benefits of the Internet only by reducing its shadow of social, ecological and health hazards.

 Lightweb Darkweb highlights children’s developmental needs as a key missing consideration in the digital revolution.  The result is a much-needed book for our times.

For millions of fans, Raffi’s music was the soundtrack of their childhood. These “beluga grads” now share his songs with their own kids. Raffi has been described by the Washington Post and the Toronto Star as the most popular children’s entertainer in the western world, and Canada’s all time children’s champion. Raffi is a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and ecology advocate. He holds three honorary degrees, is the recipient of numerous awards, and is a Member of the Order of Canada and the Club of Budapest.

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