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Imagine a pair of glasses that allows you to see the world in a different way—to see how everything we do impacts in some way on children, our most vulnerable citizens. This is the "Child Honouring lens," the ability to see how all our actions affect children somehow.

For example, your decision to buy a box of pre-sweetened breakfast cereal encourages the manufacturer to make more of them, and to unfairly market them directly to the most impressionable consumers—children. On a large scale, this can lead to a host of problems—from children’s television shows that are little more than advertisements aimed at kids, to childhood health issues, including obesity. On the other hand, choosing an organic cereal product is an investment in vibrant soils, good health, and organic food production and distribution.

A good way to become accustomed to seeing through this lens is by reflecting on the Child Honouring Covenant and Principles. Consider the Principles one by one (and together) to see where you might apply them in your daily life.

If we each develop a respectful way of being with the children in our care and our communities, we can turn our lenses into action in both the things we do that affect children and in the ways we can influence others to put children first.

A program empowering the children of India by Kiran bir Sethi is bound to engage your heart. This visionary champion of children has signed the Plea to Faith Leaders and posted it on her Design For Change Contest website.

Namaste, Kiran!

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